Social Media

Building brand loyalty through social engagement.

We live in a social and digital world. Effective marketing requires you to reach the customer with relevant messaging where they spend most of their time. These days, consumers are turning to social media to gather information and recommendations, just as much if not more than traditional mediums.

To effectively communicate on social media requires a shift from the advertising mindset of old tactics to a strong understanding of each social platform and effective strategies to engage audiences. You need to understand how people engage on each channel and the optimal type content to share. It requires more social listening then social speaking. Consumers are willing to be engaged, but it must feel authentic.

This requires not just tactics, but robust strategy as well. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place, as strategy is the very essence of what we do. How do we do it?


You can’t reach the end game without having a roadmap to get there. Every social media interaction needs to create an action, whether it’s sharing content with friends and colleagues or learning more about a brand. A strategy outlines the cause and effect of each social interaction to ensure the social user takes the intended next step.


People use social media to communicate but also to be informed and entertained. For this reason, content is a critical part of a successful social media strategy. It’s not just blogs but also infographics, memes, authentic imagery and video content. SA develops various forms of content that is both compelling and engaging.


The nature of social media requires an investment in time and resources. Sometimes it requires costly platforms or services to execute an effective strategy. SA has the resources you can leverage to manage your brand’s social media presence, whether it is helping develop policy, monitoring engagement or managing all content and platforms.


There is real ROI in social media and an effective strategy can be measured to show impact on the bottom line. SA uses various metrics and tools to measure reach, awareness, growth and eventual conversion depending on parameters that are determined during the strategy phase.

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