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Outcomes Over Outputs: The Top Ways to Measure Earned Media

Attend any PR workshop, talk or webinar these days and you'll hear public relations professionals stressing the importance of measuring earned media in PR. “It’s so important.” “Don’t forget to measure!” “If you’re not measuring your work, you’re doing it wrong.” That’s great advice, but how exactly do we go about doing that? This post will provide insight on simple, [...]

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A Trekkie Marketer’s Guide to Embracing Video Content in Social Media

  YouTube: More than 5 billion video views are watched each day Facebook: Around 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day Twitter: 82% of Twitter's audience watches video content Snapchat: says they generate 10 billion video views every single day Dealing with evolving technology, evaluating (and understanding) new platforms that seem to spring up on a daily basis and trying to translate KPI’s to the bottom [...]

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Rethinking Social Media Strategy

A few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg made a platform-changing announcement regarding the ranking system for Facebook. The newsfeed algorithm will now be even more selective of the content we see on a day-to-day basis. Facebook is concerned about the clutter of posts from pages and is determined to make the platform more purposeful to everyday users. Content from Facebook Pages [...]

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Facebook’s News Feed Overhaul: How Businesses Can Refocus Their Native Strategy

By: Leah Findley and Heather Weaverling Facebook’s announcement yesterday regarding updates to the newsfeed has flooded the advertising industry’s discussions this morning. Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced, via a personal post, that Facebook would be making a more concerted effort to increase content that connects people and show less “public” content, such as posts from businesses, brands, and media. For advertisers [...]

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Nine Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Ads Are Compliant

In 2015, there were 2 million active advertisers on Facebook. That statistic has grown immensely over the past two years, with small businesses dominating the marketplace. Does your company use this platform? If so, are your ads compliant? Instead of finding out the hard way, read our Facebook compliance tips to better prepare yourself for your next sponsored post. Tip [...]

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What Makes a Facebook Ad Successful?

What determines success when it comes to sponsored Facebook ads? Here are three reporting metrics to evaluate. Metric #1 – Return on Investment (ROI) ROI is a great metric to have, but it does require a little work. When setting up a campaign, ensure proper tracking is in place so you can visibly see and account for every lead that [...]

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Instagram vs. Snapchat

The Update “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” That could sound like Instagram’s motto, as they recently came out with an update that displays a feature nearly identical to Snapchat. Instagram Stories is the new feature that sits at the top of the users newsfeed that allows them to click and see a streamline of photos/videos their friends post, which [...]

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Finding a Place for Media Relations in Social PR by Showing What a Duck Can Do

*This blog was first published at Waxing Unlyrical. I’ve held on to a theory for a while now: Social media and media relations are a paradox. The former being new school which allows you to control your message; and the latter is old school which gives you very little control, yet more credibility. In today’s media landscape both are critical [...]

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Why Integrate Social Media On Your Website?

The online community is a vast wonderland of social networks and websites that, for a brand, can sometimes make its presence disconnected. Of all the content you post, consider the number of networks you utilize. It’s easy for content to get scattered across the web, making your brand’s overall presence a little muddled as users try to keep up. So [...]

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Twitter’s new features present new challenges and opportunities for brands

In honor of the World Cup, and our internationally shared love of all things fútbol, Twitter has joined forces with Bing so users can easily translate tweets and participate in conversations about the same topics, no Rosetta Stone required. Simply click a translate button and BAM! tweets are magically transformed into your native language. How else has Twitter been keeping [...]

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