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Garbage In, Garbage Out: How Data Quality Impacts Marketing

By: Calan Smidt As marketers, we use data to understand how our work is performing. It can help us understand our customers, the ideas that resonate with them and even the channels they want brands to use on their customer journey. That impacts just about every aspect of our campaigns, from creative to budget allocation. But if we’re making decisions [...]

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Case Study: Integrated Retargeting Bring Results

Written by: Emily Bussiere, Amanda Glynn, Kaitlin Wren Strategic America is an expert in the home products and services space. From heating and cooling to window and doors (and everything in-between), we’ve made it our mission to help our local clients get noticed by customers. As Strategic Americans, we’re on the hunt for a better way, always. That’s always been [...]

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The Keys to Creating the Right Metrics for Your Digital Campaign

In bygone days of advertising, measuring the success of a media campaign often relied on the client to confirm increased sales or in-store traffic.  Industry advancements and digital technology now give agencies and clients new options to set meaningful goals and measure campaign success. However, more measurement tools mean more variables and metrics to sort through at campaign’s end. It [...]

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Smart Home Market Forecast 2019

Smart home products are beginning to come into their own, and there is a long way to go before they reach their full potential. Amazon Echos and Google Home units that flew off the shelf last year (and continue to do so) are doing more than making for an easy gift for your tech-minded friend. Smart home devices stand as [...]

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Leveraging Data Analytics to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

Big data is not a fad. As business and marketing leaders work to increase value for consumers and measure the results of their advertising efforts, spending on data analytics continues to rise—and it’s not predicted to slow down any time soon. According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), becoming data-centric continues to be a priority for U.S. marketers and [...]

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Behind the Process of Website Design

To the untrained eye, a well-designed website is just a pretty face. As a web designer, I can tell you first hand that high-quality web design is about a lot more than appearances. There’s quite a bit of depth behind all those good looks. Maybe you’ve heard of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). These are the design principles [...]

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A Guide to Recognizing Insight

For companies looking to best understand their brand and improve the connection with their customers, a useful piece of consumer insight can pave the way to marketing success with memorable messaging that effectively attracts new customers. In our data-rich age, the abundance of readily available facts about customer behavior and preferences would make it seem that consumer insights would be [...]

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Building a Data Rosetta Stone

I love analyzing data. For some clients that means taking data from one source. For others, it means sorting through multiple data sources with different formats from different data platforms. When that happens, a once easy data analysis project becomes a bit more difficult. More difficult, but not impossible. Luckily, one thing I love as much as analyzing data is [...]

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ConversionXL Live 2018: Growth, Optimization & Testing

CXL Live is a digital conference about growth, optimization and testing. This year, 400 people attended from 22 different countries! I interacted with people from Norway, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Taiwan, Hungary and Canada. This was my second year attending this conference and the speakers were again, incredible. The very first speaker of the conference, Bryan Eisenberg, ended up being one [...]

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Becoming Data-Centric: How Companies are Leveraging Data for Results in 2018

“Big data” is everywhere. More and more data is available to companies every day, and with it an increasing demand for new progress in attribution and insight. Over the next three years, it’s estimated that spending on marketing analytics will increase by almost 200%. Clearly, companies are not only looking for ways to obtain data, but discovering ways to leverage [...]

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