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Top 8 Social Media Trends For 2023

Each year, the social media landscape grows wider. To stay relevant, brands and individuals need to understand the trends on various platforms going into the new year. The Top Social Media Trends 2023 vary by platform, but they all work in tandem to reflect social media users' changing needs and expectations. 1. Get Ready for the TikTok Search Engine Gone are the days when [...]

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Five Social Media Trends Heading Into 2022

Creating quality and high-performing social media content has evolved to more than just compelling imagery and clever copy. Additionally, all social media professionals need to stay up to date with the ever-changing social media trends and best practices. With a seemingly constant moving target of social media standards to hit, it can be challenging to ensure that what you’re putting [...]

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How Pinterest Ads Can Help Your Business Grow

Launched in 2010, Pinterest was a relative latecomer compared to other social media giants. More than ten years later, it is among the largest social platforms. And while it has fewer users than Facebook and Twitter, it offers marketers the potential for a stronger digital strategy. Who Uses Pinterest? Pinterest users are mostly women, but the number of men on [...]

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Most Important Instagram Features in 2021

This year has brought a lot of changes in the world of social media. Updates to platform regulations, new tools and features, and entirely new platforms are just the beginning. We’re here to help you navigate these changes through highlighting a few of Instagram’s most important updates and features. Stories Instagram Stories may not be new, but the way brands [...]

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Tips for Navigating the New Instagram Update

In true 2020 fashion, Instagram is making some big changes that might make the rest of us a little uncomfortable. As social media professionals, we live for the ever-evolving nature of social media, right? While we know it’s a part of the job, we also know that adapting your social media strategy to the constant changes is enough to make [...]

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How Social Media has Shifted Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just like the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work, it also changed how we use the internet and social media platforms. More specifically, how we’re engaging with our audience. Users have shifted when they post, engage with posts, the content they’re posting and the platforms they use.   What We’re Posting Prior to mid-March 2020, social [...]

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Civil Media: Why the Future of Social Media is Meaningful Connections

Ever felt like social media is a hostile environment? You’re not alone. Each year international public relations firm Weber Shandwick completes a study on civility in the United States. As one might expect, surveyed groups have ranked incivility as a problem in the last few years. Nearly 70 percent said it was a major problem in 2019. And a majority [...]

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The Social Silo Problem

If there’s one thing social media professionals are tired of, it’s the implication that social media is a less important part of the marketing mix. One that exists in a silo and doesn’t work with other strategies—and shouldn’t have to. It exists all on its own. In a world of digital connectivity, that’s a misconception we need to retire. Consumers [...]

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Owned Media Sweetens Your PR Plan

There’s nothing like a good food epiphany. From marshmallows and hot cocoa to BBQ sauce and chicken nuggets (or ranch on anything here in the Midwest, apparently), history is full of those “eureka” moments where two great tastes taste great together. One of the most popular and enduring food pairings is peanut butter and chocolate. Reese’s even used the “two [...]

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How Using Video in Social Media Can Help You Build Your Owned Media Library

By Shari Saunders and Eric Olson There’s no other way to put it. If your company isn’t including video in your PR or marketing efforts, you’re falling behind. The stats speak for themselves: Facebook reports we spend five times longer looking at video compared to still images. Facebook also predicts 82 percent of consumer internet traffic will be video by [...]

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