What the December 1963 copy of Life magazine taught me about advertising

Galleries of shockingly tasteless “Mad Men”-era ads are often posted on social media, but I wasn’t sure what I’d find in the copy of Life magazine covering the funeral of President Kennedy, dated December 6, 1963. Even its mailing label shows it comes from a different era, addressed to “Mrs. John S. Welch.” As a current ad agency employee, I was more curious as to what a complete issue of the magazine would look like, rather than review selected samples of the most backward and out-of-date ads.

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Facebook’s News Feed Overhaul: How Businesses Can Refocus Their Native Strategy

By: Leah Findley and Heather Weaverling Facebook’s announcement yesterday regarding updates to the newsfeed has flooded the advertising industry’s discussions this morning. Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced, via a personal post, that Facebook would be making a more concerted effort to increase content that connects people and show less “public” content, such as posts from businesses, brands, and media.

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2017 Predictions

Predictions for 2017 – Change is Upon Us

What will the new year look like and deliver for businesses and marketers? Now’s the time to pause, look ahead and see what emerging trends and insights may suggest for 2017. What’s the headline? Change is upon us. Many are expecting solid economic growth. The markets began quickly weighing in with their expectations. The Dow 21,000 and beyond has been forecast.

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A Brand New Beginning: 3 Tips for Rebranding Your Business

According to The Princess Bride, a movie that I can (and will) quote ad nauseam, two of the classic life blunders are “never get involved in a land war in Asia” and “never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.” If I may be so bold, I’d like to complete the trifecta and add “Never go into a rebrand without a strategy driven plan” to the list.

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What You Need to Know About FTC Guidelines On Native Advertising

Call it what you will, but native advertising is still advertising, no matter the content or context. In December 2015, the FTC recently took advertisers to task by issuing new guidelines on advertorials, also known as native advertising. According to the “Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements” advertisers must prominently display near the headline of any piece of content that could be construed as part of the surrounding editorial that the content is an advertisement.

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Talent Wins

Recently, I was asked to provide the keynote at the Iowa Broadcasters Association annual meeting. As broadcasters and agencies share the ability and responsibility to communicate a broad spectrum of subjects for brands, promotions, news and entertainment; I found myself focused on the importance of talent to both industries. As the broadcast industry and ours have experienced dramatic changes, the one constant that continues to attract and retain audiences and advertisers is talent: • Talent to craft and design a message.

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5 Factors to Consider When Placing Online Video Ads

Data-driven marketers love statistics and here are a few that really caught my attention recently relating to online video: 74 percent of all Internet traffic would be video content by 2017 according to a recent study by Syndacast. Of that content, nearly 36 percent will be pre-roll or post-roll advertising, typically in 15 second and 30 second promotions.

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4A’s Annual Transformation Conference: The Idea Effect

What shapes — and shakes — an industry like ours? You can count on ideas, storytelling, targeting, optimization and inspiration being center stage. And, they were at this year’s annual 4A’s Transformation conference in Los Angeles. What no one expected was the trembling that occurred as a 4.4-magnitude earthquake awoke many of us on the first full day.

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super bowl

Five Things Small Businesses Can Learn From Super Bowl Ads

A well-known fact: The Super Bowl is the largest annual stage for television commercials. To many, the ads have overshadowed the game on the field. More than half of the audience tunes in to see the ads, judge them on the numerous online polls, then discuss at the proverbial water cooler the next day. So are there marketing/advertising lessons for small business advertisers who can’t afford the multimillion dollar investment?

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