Email marketing gives you the chance to make a direct connection with your customers. After all, you can’t get much closer than their inbox. But without the right strategy, that coveted spot in their digital communications won’t get you anywhere.

Strategic America can help make your customers take notice. And action. Our email marketing team is experienced and ready to help you build campaigns that move the needle on your key performance indicators.

Email offers outstanding flexibility, personalization options and learning opportunities for your brand. And Strategic America can help make the most of them.

We start with industry best practices and a deep understanding of your industry, your brand and your goals. Then, using testing and analytics, we refine our strategy and focus on what works for your audience.

But there’s more to our email expertise than that. We’ll use our experience to help you find the best possible approach.


When you work with Strategic America, you’ll see the difference email marketing can make for your brand.

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When it comes to marketing strategies, email can give you one of the best returns on your investment. Estimates for the marketing industry put the average around $40 for every dollar invested in growing and maintaining an email program.

And while that varies among industries and individual brands, the investment made in your email marketing will produce results. Not just in strong leads, but in valuable information about your audience we can learn from their email habits and behavior. That helps the Strategic America team create even better campaigns that resonate with your audience.


Email marketing offers the opportunity to communicate with your audience in a way that makes sense for your brand. It can involve one-off mailings or campaigns that follow the purchase process. It can help you cast a wide net or zero in on the most promising leads. And with tools like automation, segmentation and personalization, email can help you build a relationship with your audience members.

But email marketing can’t just work on its own. It takes experience, strategy and a results-driven team to create an optimized program for your brand. That’s Strategic America.

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With the analytical power of email, marketers can optimize communications in real time. Valuable data—like open rates, click rates and time spent reading—can reveal whether your content is resonating with your audience or missing the mark. Each email can help toward more effective marketing, if you know what to look for.

The Strategic America team has the knowledge to find those insights and the experience needed to act on them. We utilize thorough testing to give you the best possible outcomes, focusing on turning prospects into long-term customers. And as stewards of your brand, you can rely on our team for transparent, understandable reporting for your campaigns.

Mockup of Reporting Screens Showing Data


No matter what your usual marketing strategy looks like, email can be a great fit. At Strategic America, we can pair it with direct marketing or social media to hit potential customers from multiple angles. And that matters in a world where it takes more repetition for your message to break through the noise.

Strategic America can help you build a program that works for your goals—and your larger marketing plan.


As an agency partner, Strategic America can handle every step of the process. We offer award-winning creative services, streamlined coding and smart analytics. And our team has experience with every major software platform.

We’re prepared to elevate your strategy and help you create email marketing that works for you.

Connect with us now for a free, no obligation review of your current efforts. We’ll show you what a custom plan from Strategic America can do.