Social media is the opportunity to tell your brand story and engage with potential customers. And while anyone can create a social media profile, effective social media efforts are so much more than sharing funny photos or a clever status.

It takes serious strategy to get the right message in front of your audiences at the right time.

The social media team at Strategic America knows that. It’s why we’re constantly researching platform trends and algorithm changes to stay ahead of the curve.

Specializing in both paid and organic, our social pros can build your presence from the ground up or help your existing pages grow.

And more than anything, working on social media with Strategic America is customizable. We can handle anything from campaigns for individual brands to complete page management for multiple locations or franchises.



Your social media presence is an extension of your brand. It needs careful consideration and a strong strategy to ensure growth and increase brand advocacy. As your agency partner, the Strategic America social media team will be experts in your industry.

We start with an audit of your current social media presence. We look for the content that resonates with your audience—while keeping an eye out for potential areas for growth. From there, we create a strategic plan for your social media, based on the key objectives you’ve determined will move the needle for your business.

But we do more than create strategies. We can produce your content or completely manage your pages. Whatever you need, the Strategic America team can provide.


With billions of users, the social media landscape is cluttered, creating competition for user attention. Paid strategies give you the option to cut through the clutter, grow your audience and put your message in front of the people you want to reach.

It sounds simple. But it takes special care to make all that happen in a cost-effective way. Alone, you could pour an almost endless budget into campaigns that won’t get results.

Our Strategic America paid social media team has the experience to make sure that doesn’t happen. We carefully plan around your budget and goals to create campaigns that work for your brand.

We’re well-versed with every social platform you’ve heard of—and plenty that you might not have. And as a Facebook Agency Partner, you know we have the credentials to back up our work.


Strategic America can handle social media from either an organic or paid perspective—but those strategies are stronger together.

When you integrate paid and organic social media with SA, you simplify and strengthen your digital presence. Together, our paid and organic teams can collaborate and create consistent messaging, comprehensive strategies and complementary content.

You gain the benefit of a team who understands social media on a deeper level, giving you a better opportunity to grow.

A Mockup Showing How Organic Social Media Displays


Strategic planning for social media is just the beginning for our team. If you need someone to execute, leave it to us. Our social media specialists will take the time to craft content with the right messaging and visuals—all with a focus on the larger goals for your presence.

We can do more than schedule your content. We can manage your platforms—whether you have one account for your local business or dozens of accounts across platforms for a nationwide brand.

We can be the first line of communication with your audience online—answering questions, reviews and comments so you can focus on other things.

And with an award-winning creative team in-house, we can handle your social media advertising. Whether you’re looking for video or static advertising, we’ve got it covered.


Our team is ready to help you reach your goals on social media—and beyond. Connect with SA for a no-cost, no-obligation review of your social efforts, challenges and targets. We’ll create a custom package for you and offer you options that will work for your brand.