Strategic Communications

It’s not just public relations anymore. We help our clients tell their brand story.

At SA, the work we do for clients is more than what is traditionally understood as public relations. It includes branding, executive positioning, social media strategy and content-driven campaigns.

The services that we bring to clients begin with building a foundation of understanding what a company has to offer and what their audience needs from them. This involves research, audience identification and strategic messaging.


When we’re communicating on behalf of our clients, we need to speak the same language as their audiences. Research helps us become experts in their business. And that allows us to translate their expertise into easy-to-understand information. That’s why research is the starting point for all effective communication.

Executive Positioning and Strategic Messaging

The key to effective communications is building a strong strategy, and that requires collaboration with the client. The outcomes are multichannel strategies that align to business KPIs and are fully integrated with other marketing initiatives. A comprehensive communication plan details strategies per audience and tactics that are clear and measurable.

Media Relations

The SA team has strong ties to national, regional and local media outlets. What is important to understand about media relations is twofold: Understanding the outlets and the readers they serve and building relationships with key journalists. Once we have a foundational understanding of the goals and key audiences, we will identify the best media outlets for outreach and develop newsworthy story ideas to pitch.

Social Media and Content Strategy

While social media and content creation are two different strategies, they have one important thing in common. They’re powerful tools for companies to engage their customers and tell their stories in their own words. Our team has extensive experience in both. We can help you highlight your key messages, reach your audiences and work toward your goals.

Issues and Reputation Management

No company or person likes bad press. Reputation management is a key element of strategic communications and is critical to maintaining the integrity of a business or brand. SA has significant experience with multiple clients both in nonprofit, education and corporate sectors in helping protect their company reputation.

Keeping control of the narrative is the goal in reputation management. By anticipating certain events, a business has the capability to avoid negative fiscal and reputational outcomes by thoroughly assessing possible situations and planning on how to communicate to key publics.

Internal Communications

A company’s most important audience is the employee. At SA, we help companies not only focus on their employees, but engage them to become brand champions. That can be as simple as a monthly internal newsletter or develop intranet hubs that serve as a central point of communication.

Communication is the key to building a strong internal brand that, in turn, leads to a strong internal culture and ultimately employee retention.

Industry Expertise