Do you ever wish you could read your customers’ minds? Or look over their shoulder as they interact with your brand and the services on your website?

Even the best marketers aren’t mind readers—not even Strategic Americans. But we have the tools and skills that make us the next best thing. Understanding how customers engage with your website is one of the best ways to maximize results.

SA has NN/g– and CUA-certified UX specialists who focus on your customers’ experience on your website. They’ll analyze how users on your website perceive your brand, navigate the site and interact with content.

We do it all because we know first impressions matter. In fact, we know from research that 88% of users won’t return to your site if they’ve had a bad experience.

SA takes all of this into consideration while creating or redesigning your website. Then, we prove it all works through user testing. Along the way, we do our research and make adjustments based on test results.

Our top priority is keeping your customers in mind. Always. That’s because customer-focused design can help you achieve better website engagement. And more conversions from people who visit your site.


The way people interact with your website can directly impact the number of leads (and conversions) you’ll get. We use a selection of tests to figure out the “why” behind how potential customers are using your website. And which changes could make all the difference.


Understanding what’s wrong with your old site is a key step that shapes our design process. One way we can learn is through user testing, where we will watch recordings of people navigating across your site. This gives us an understanding of customer needs and how your website can change to better meet them in the future.

Our tests include:

  • Screen recording: Captures how a person moves across your site. We study multiple sessions, tracking clicks, taps and scrolling.
  • Click and scroll heat maps: Shows where users linger, click or scroll on your website.
  • Form analysis: Shows drop-offs from forms or lead magnets. We figure out where customers are abandoning the process to make conversions even smoother.


The way your new website presents your brand to potential customers is just as important as how they navigate on the site.

We can use two tests to capture feedback, like:

  • Five-second testing: Reveals the all-important first impression people get when they first encounter your brand online.
  • Preference testing: Weighs different options on your site to see what’s more compelling to customers. This includes images, colors, fonts and more.

We can help you find the right headline, image or call to action that motivates. And converts.

SA uses all the information from these tests to create the information architecture for your new site. Also called an IA, this roadmap includes the design, content, hierarchy and organization all together.


We can create a clearer path to conversion by testing how customers navigate on your site.

First-click testing shows us how long it takes someone to choose information. This helps us see if people understand labels and how your website is organized.

We can also conduct other tests that ask users to organize and group information on your site. These three tests provide a more in-depth look at your website navigation:

  • Open card sorting: Users label and organize pages from your website.
  • Closed card sorting: Users organize pages from your website into pre-defined labels.
  • Tree testing: Users navigate using only page labels. Design is removed to get to the root of navigation issues.
Mockup of User Testing Results


Your best resource is often your customer base. SA can use surveys to learn how past and current customers feel about your website. We’ll find out about their experience and how it impacted their interactions with you.

When you want to go even more in-depth, our team can go one on one with users. We’ll find the right people to interview and give you results in a way that sparks action.


Looking for a better way to drive results for your brand? Our team of web design experts is here to help with custom UX and user testing services for your website. Contact us today to get started.