Five Social Media Trends Heading Into 2022

Creating quality and high-performing social media content has evolved to more than just compelling imagery and clever copy. Additionally, all social media professionals need to stay up to date with the ever-changing social media trends and best practices. With a seemingly constant moving target of [...]

2023-09-15T12:29:35-05:00February 7, 2022|Social Media|

A Trekkie Marketer’s Guide to Embracing Video Content in Social Media

  YouTube: More than 5 billion video views are watched each day Facebook: Around 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day Twitter: 82% of Twitter's audience watches video content Snapchat: says they generate 10 billion video views every single day Dealing with evolving technology, evaluating (and understanding) new platforms that seem [...]

2023-09-05T16:25:52-05:00February 23, 2018|Social Media|

Instagram vs. Snapchat

The Update “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” That could sound like Instagram’s motto, as they recently came out with an update that displays a feature nearly identical to Snapchat. Instagram Stories is the new feature that sits at the top of the users newsfeed [...]

2021-04-26T11:42:51-05:00August 25, 2016|Social Media|

PR Year in Review

Yes, it’s May, but it’s never too late to look back and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. That’s exactly what our PR team has done over the last couple months. While we gathered the stats for this infographic, we were able to see how much [...]

2023-09-05T16:13:47-05:00May 16, 2016|Public Relations|

Why Integrate Social Media On Your Website?

The online community is a vast wonderland of social networks and websites that, for a brand, can sometimes make its presence disconnected. Of all the content you post, consider the number of networks you utilize. It’s easy for content to get scattered across the web, [...]

2023-09-15T14:51:58-05:00September 18, 2014|Digital, Social Media|
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