Celebrating the Businesses that Make America Work: National Small Business Week

In May 2015, Strategic America provided public relations services to the U.S. Small Business Administration highlighting the importance of small businesses in our economy. We were able to engage network news, major dailies, entertainment programs and online media outlets serving more than 10 million impressions. Relevant and important then, the story is even more so today.

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Nine Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Ads Are Compliant

In 2015, there were 2 million active advertisers on Facebook. That statistic has grown immensely over the past two years, with small businesses dominating the marketplace. Does your company use this platform? If so, are your ads compliant? Instead of finding out the hard way, read our Facebook compliance tips to better prepare yourself for your next sponsored post.

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Let’s Be Strategic: Smart Marketing Helps Small Businesses Grow

Studies conducted by Bloomberg and Forbes suggest that approximately 80 percent of new businesses fail within 18 months of being founded. While there are many reasons why these dreams come crashing to the ground, revenues earned versus expenses paid out is certainly near the top, and marketing is among those expenses. In fact, the U.S.

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Turnkey marketing

Turnkey Marketing May Increase Participation

As seasoned marketing professionals, we often develop, plan, and program amazing new marketing programs and technology solutions aimed at meeting every single need that has ever been verbalized as a pain point. There is no doubt that technology bridges the gap between marketing and sales, but do we overcomplicate it to the extent that the channel partner (often the local small business owner) doesn’t adapt to using it?

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Takeaways from White House Briefing on Small Business

    Recently, I had an opportunity to participate in a White House briefing on the state of small business in America. Of course, anytime you have an opportunity to visit the “People’s House,” as the Administration staff refers to the White House, you jump at the chance. As a part of the leadership council of the National Small Business Association, I and about 70 other business owners across America, had the benefit of hearing and discussing the importance of policies related to small businesses.

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Agencies Should Celebrate Small Businesses in a Big Way

Republished from Ad Age  Original article: http://adage.com/article/agency-viewpoint/agencies-celebrate-small-business-a-big/298499/ It’s Nice to Land Big Clients, But Small Businesses Are the Key to the Future Whether they’re agencies or the clients that they serve, nearly all businesses start small. Some remain comfortably so, while others set aggressive growth targets and seek to grow in synch with demand. Five employees become 50, then 500 if everything fits together and falls into place.

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WellWorks! Helps Strategic America to Receive Healthiest Employer® of Iowa Finalist Recognition

The Healthiest Employer of Iowa Award recognizes organizations that proactively improve the health of their employees. This award program evaluates employers of all sizes, industries and stages of their corporate wellness program. As a member of the WellWorks! Wellness Committee, I was honored to discover that Strategic America had been selected as a finalist in the Small Business, Central Region category for this award.

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