In 1980, in our own small business way, we opened our doors to the opportunities that we believed lie ahead. In part we were dreamers – believing but not yet seeing. We were accustomed to hard work well beyond traditional 40 hour work weeks. We were client-focused and culture-focused – we wanted a place that allowed for growth inside and out. And, we knew that positive things would result if we remained focused on a platform of service, creativity and performance. It has become our mission at SA – “finding a better way, always.”

Over the past 35 years there’s no way to measure the number of instances where commitment took us to the next level. There’s no way to account for the many times “What if…” became a new initiative that we jumped into simply because it made sense. And, there’s no way to account for the millions of interactions that have become valued relationships with clients, vendors, community allies, and friends.

We have never taken anything for granted…and never will. We know in a dynamic industry that sitting back is a sure way of losing. SA has always had a ‘lean in’ posture of listening, learning and actively engaging in a collaborative manner with those across the table. And because of that we’ve learned a lot and applied those learnings to opportunities.

We’ve gained so much in our interactions with those who have shared their experiences and expertise with us. I believe we’ve made similar deposits in others. So as we celebrate this landmark of 35 years, we celebrate the vitality of an industry that is designed to make things happen. We celebrate the talent and dedication of so many who have inspired us along the way. And, we celebrate what is yet to be seen. We’re blessed to be able to look ahead and continue to dream, because of the foundation we stand on today. Thanks for being a part of our journey.