Twitter’s new features present new challenges and opportunities for brands

In honor of the World Cup, and our internationally shared love of all things fútbol, Twitter has joined forces with Bing so users can easily translate tweets and participate in conversations about the same topics, no Rosetta Stone required. Simply click a translate button and BAM! tweets are magically transformed into your native language. How else has Twitter been keeping things real and fresh lately?

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Tree Rings

Traditional PR: Is It dead?

I recently had an epiphany about PR. PR is like trees and their age rings. Earth-shattering? Not really, but it’s something that I think may help budding PR pros in the current and future technological landscape to come. As technology continues to evolve, new mediums are created all the time. With each new medium the question: “Is traditional PR dead?” always comes up.

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Hacked Twitter

Hacked Twitter: Do You Have to Fake It To Make It?

Accounts like @Horse_ebooks, the point b were made to describe a straight line horizontally; — Horse ebooks (@Horse_ebooks) August 25, 2013 @RealCarrotFacts and If you hire a small man to hide a carrot in your house then you close your eyes and try to find it ,it will take 3 hours but it’s worth it — Carrot Facts (@RealCarrotFacts) August 6, 2013 @NotCoatFactory Hello have you enjoy a weather yet??

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Miss America Tweet

Think Before You Tweet

With the instant gratification that social media delivers to consumers, the buffer between brain and keyboard has become nonexistent. A recent example came Sept. 16 as the new Miss America was crowned. As soon as Miss New York was named the latest woman to hold the honor, Twitter exploded with vitriol over her Indian-American heritage.

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