2023 Social Media Trends

Top 8 Social Media Trends For 2023

Published On: November 21, 2022 | Categories: Blog, Digital, Social Media |

Each year, the social media landscape grows wider. To stay relevant, brands and individuals need to understand the trends on various platforms going into the new year. The Top Social Media Trends 2023 vary by platform, but they all work in tandem to reflect social media users’ changing needs and expectations.

1. Get Ready for the TikTok Search Engine

Gone are the days when TikTok was just teenagers showing off their dance moves. After rapid growth throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, TikTok users now span various generations and spend a lot of time on the platform. People come to TikTok searching for life hacks, travel recommendations, money-saving tips, and more. As TikTok has improved its search functionality, it has become preferred over Google for Gen Z.

2. People Are Shopping Without Leaving the App

It’s no secret that ecommerce customers are on social media platforms. As more people expect personalized product recommendations in their social media experience, there is a growing demand to complete transactions without being taken out of the respective social app. Facebook and Instagram are pioneers on this front. For customers, this is a matter of convenience. For businesses, this is a way to reduce friction in the purchasing process. And for stakeholders at the social media apps themselves, this is a great way to ensure that users spend even more time on their platforms.

3. Influencers Are Getting More Relatable

Micro-influencers are people with a social media presence who have a niche and loyal following. Social media algorithms have gotten more and more personalized since their inception; now that has trickled out to the influencer space. Authentic, relatable content creators are gaining prominence in 2023. This kind of intimacy between influencer and follower inherently builds trust. Brands and advertisers find them more desirable than celebrities since they are less expensive and often more effective.

4. YouTube Shorts Are More Important Than Ever

YouTube Shorts is considered Google’s answer to TikTok — short-form videos shot in portrait mode. Although introduced in 2020, they were given considerably more prominence in results pages in 2022. Moving into 2023, Shorts are being monetized. This is a show of faith by Google and indicates that short-form video will only continue to grow in importance this year.

5. Facebook Will Focus On Its Bread and Butter

Facebook has always been the best social media platform for connecting people to their loved ones. The app founded on pokes and likes got a jump start on connecting people. Expect Facebook to use artificial intelligence to show more recommended content in people’s feeds, from the people they care most about.

6. The Metaverse Is Slowly Adding Revenue Streams

Meta (the umbrella company with Facebook, Instagram, etc.) has made massive investments in the Metaverse… to mixed results. Don’t expect the Metaverse to take hold of the public consciousness in 2023 — there is still too much confusion around the platform. However, it will get a little more mainstream, as the brand is introducing ways to customize avatars. This gives Meta a new source of revenue from sponsors and may intrigue more users to investigate the platform.

7. Twitter Is Still a Primary News Source, Even Amidst Chaos

Twitter is in a tumultuous period right now with the Elon Musk takeover. Disgruntled advertisers are leaving the platform, the verified checkmark may soon cost money, and mass layoffs are sweeping the company. Twitter itself is the news right now. Through it all, however, it is also where many people are turning for the news. The short-form video trend has made its way to Twitter, as well. That and other bite-size information continue to thrive on this platform, but this will definitely be the social network to watch in the year ahead.

8. LinkedIn Aims for Connectivity

LinkedIn’s goal is not to entertain its users, which sets it apart from TikTok and Instagram, and puts it more in line with the community-focused Facebook. In 2022 LinkedIn put its focus on community groups and messaging capabilities. These efforts show a desire to improve connectivity between professionals on the site, rather than just a hosting platform for online resumes and recruitment, which is still the perception of many. The trend will continue in the year ahead.

The world of social media is constantly expanding and, as 2022 has proven, can change on a dime. The 2023 social media trends aim to keep customers and stakeholders happy, which often means keeping advertisers on their toes. No matter how trends shake out each year, social media — both organic content and paid advertising — remains a growing revenue stream for businesses.