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Marketing Answers for Common Business Concerns

A recent article by the chief economist for the National Retail Federation likened the economy to a kaleidoscope, where the view can rapidly change and the data provides a different reflection at every look. It’s a fitting analogy for the current times. The ripple effects of uncertainty are shaping the business climate and sending a seriously mixed bag of signals.  But [...]

Set and Achieve KPIs That Matter For 2023

Take the ‘December Pause’ and create synergy between personal and professional goals By John Schreurs In professional life, goal setting is often formalized each year through the acts of strategic planning and employee reviews. Universally, it’s recognized as a valuable and important use of time. Have you ever considered adopting a more formal planning process for your personal goals, too? [...]

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5 Ways to Grow your Business in 2022

Strategic America is an industry leader, and we maintain a position among the top 4% of independent agencies nationwide. Our clients often have questions in common about growth strategies and areas of improvement. At SA, we’ve decided to share a few tips that answer those common questions so that we can get you started on finding a better way, always.

Avoiding the Common Pitfalls of Brand Ideation

By Sheryl Rinker The best companies have a brand that speaks to its customers beyond the transaction. A good brand connects with an emotion, evokes a lifestyle or presents a company as a friend that looks out for its customer. A few things that all strong brands should have are: a clear understanding of who they are, what makes their [...]

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Create Consistent Brand Voice With These Writing Tips

By: Kristy Hoelscher and John Donovan Strategic America serves clients in countless ways, and one of the most important is one that often goes unnoticed: Making sure you present a consistent brand voice. Your brand voice is at the core of your brand’s personality. The words, sentence structures, and punctuation you use to engage your audience determine their perception of [...]

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How to Get More Prospects to Try Your Brand

Converting a prospect into a customer is a lot like dating. There are many steps that go into finding the person you will someday marry. If you start talking about children on the first date, it rarely works out. So why as marketers do we go into a new relationship and jump to the end sale? The more value you [...]

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A Brand New Beginning: 3 Tips for Rebranding Your Business

According to The Princess Bride, a movie that I can (and will) quote ad nauseam, two of the classic life blunders are “never get involved in a land war in Asia” and “never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line.” If I may be so bold, I’d like to complete the trifecta and add “Never go into [...]

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Building Brands

In a former agency, I had a creative director who would respond to every common office greeting like “How’s it going?” or “What are you up to?” with “Building brands. Just building brands, man.” He believed it, too. He believed passionately that every time he had the opportunity to create something that represented a brand, he wanted that piece of [...]

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When Is The Right Time to Rebrand?

The Des Moines Business Record recently printed an article on the right time to rebrand your business. The article explored branding and how (and when) companies need to take a look at their products and services and how they are perceived by customers. I had the opportunity to contribute to the article, “Gaining Clarity: Evolving your Brand,” offering my experiences [...]

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