Converting a prospect into a customer is a lot like dating. There are many steps that go into finding the person you will someday marry. If you start talking about children on the first date, it rarely works out. So why as marketers do we go into a new relationship and jump to the end sale? The more value you can provide to a potential customer, based on things they are interested in, the more trust and authority your company will earn. After you have proven that you can help them achieve their end goal, then you have earned the right to ask them to buy more products and services.

There are a variety of ways to provide value:

  • Offer information like a white paper or a case study
  • Offer a specific shortcut or hack that makes their life easier
  • Answer a specific question

Digital Marketer refers to this stage of the relationship as the “Lead Magnet.” Offering value to a prospect, based on his or her specific interest, before requesting contact information in return.

Now that you have added value without asking for anything in return, it’s time to start the sales process. Start with an irresistible, super-low-ticket offer that exists for one reason and one reason only—to convert prospects into BUYERS! Digital Marketer refers to this stage as the “Tripwire.” This offer is designed to entice them to give your company a try.

A carpet cleaning company’s typical coupon might be $25 off five rooms or more. A tripwire offer is lower – ideally under $20. The tripwire offer could be something along the lines of “we’ll come out and clean any stain for just $20.” The idea is that when the potential customer sees how well the stain was removed, they’ll ask you to clean other stains or rooms leading to a larger ticket. They feel like they got a deal on the front end and independently decided to expand their relationship with you after receiving value.

Test this strategy with a new group of potential customers. After all, what do you have to lose?

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