How Does Content Quality Impact Contextual Advertising?

What is Contextual Advertising? For marketers, serving relevant advertising to audiences is the name of the game. In the digital age, there are two main ways to do just that. First, there’s behavioral advertising. Just as the name suggests, this strategy takes into account the previous actions of the user. This could include pages they’ve previously visited, links they’ve followed or even purchases they’ve made.

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Media Consumption

What do changes in media consumption trends mean for marketers?

Throughout the last decade, the media we consume has increasingly moved online. But as COVID-19 caused consumers to stay home in the earlier half of 2020, the digital nature of content and media accelerated at unprecedented rates. For instance, McKinsey Consulting found that enough purchases from e-commerce transactions were delivered to push the industry forward 10 years in just eight weeks.

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A Guide to Recognizing Insight

For companies looking to best understand their brand and improve the connection with their customers, a useful piece of consumer insight can pave the way to marketing success with memorable messaging that effectively attracts new customers. In our data-rich age, the abundance of readily available facts about customer behavior and preferences would make it seem that consumer insights would be available at any company’s finger tips.

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What Can Neuroscience Teach Us to Improve Marketing?

What goes on in a consumer’s mind? The answer to that question can have a strong impact on marketers. If we can understand why a consumer takes a specific action, we can help companies better position themselves to reach their desired outcome with the consumer. Very few marketers would say that their profession is “brain surgery.” But looking at discoveries and ideas in neuroscience can help better understand the human mind.

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Becoming Data-Centric: How Companies are Leveraging Data for Results in 2018

“Big data” is everywhere. More and more data is available to companies every day, and with it an increasing demand for new progress in attribution and insight. Over the next three years, it’s estimated that spending on marketing analytics will increase by almost 200%. Clearly, companies are not only looking for ways to obtain data, but discovering ways to leverage that data for results.

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2017 Predictions

Predictions for 2017 – Change is Upon Us

What will the new year look like and deliver for businesses and marketers? Now’s the time to pause, look ahead and see what emerging trends and insights may suggest for 2017. What’s the headline? Change is upon us. Many are expecting solid economic growth. The markets began quickly weighing in with their expectations. The Dow 21,000 and beyond has been forecast.

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Brand Activation Marketing Forecast

What is brand activation and how do you do it successfully? Brand activation is marketing that brings a brand to life through emotional connections and experiences. These campaigns not only build a brand’s image, they also drive consumer action and have become a growing part of advertisers’ budgets. The Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA), in partnership with PQ Media, recently completed the first ever forecast of brand activation marketing expenditures.

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Four Ways to Boost your Channel Marketing ROI

Many companies rely on independent distribution channels for their products or services. These companies also spend millions of dollars on national marketing campaigns, which keeps current customers engaged with their brand, and can help pick up new customers. Execution of a channel marketing campaign that supports the national messaging takes a marketing team that understands your campaign strategy.

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What You Need to Know About FTC Guidelines On Native Advertising

Call it what you will, but native advertising is still advertising, no matter the content or context. In December 2015, the FTC recently took advertisers to task by issuing new guidelines on advertorials, also known as native advertising. According to the “Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertisements” advertisers must prominently display near the headline of any piece of content that could be construed as part of the surrounding editorial that the content is an advertisement.

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