Video SEO in 2018 and Beyond

Every once in a while, Google likes to shake things up for us. They make minor to major updates every day, and one of the big ones occurred between October 11th and October 12th this year. On October 12th, the prevalence of video carousels nearly [...]

2017-12-14T16:40:53-06:00December 14, 2017|Digital|

4 Tips for Creating Shareable Video

When it comes to adding video to your small business repertoire, it can quickly feel daunting and costly depending on your goals for your project. However, just because you want to add video to your website, social media, whatever it may be, you don’t have [...]

2015-06-30T07:59:41-05:00June 30, 2015|Digital|

Get SEO Out of the Silo

Beginning a website redesign project can be a daunting task. And if you’re not careful, you’ll have chickens running every which way carrying wicker baskets of ideas that don’t carry out the overall website goals.   Sometimes what starts that disconnection is leaving search engine [...]

2015-01-12T09:22:16-06:00January 12, 2015|Digital|
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