We’ve compiled some gift ideas that you should definitely consider giving to your friends in advertising this holiday season.

General gifts:

Books about advertising

This is the perfect gift for someone that works in marketing. These books aren’t meant to be read, though they certainly can be, but don’t you think the time you’re spending reading might be better spent telling people you’re busy? These are books for display. They show how “with it” you are and how much you are totally, way into your career. We have to sell ourselves as well as we sell our clients. If people ask, of course you’ve read them all and they changed your life.


This is to be kept in the office and worn to EVERY client meeting. If you think this would pair nicely with a button up, as this model is demonstrating, you are very wrong. It goes over a t-shirt, ironic or otherwise. It’s a look that says, “I want it to look like I tried, but not too hard.”

Buzzword dice

These dice will put you on the fast track for leveraging some fun!

Sweet Pups calendar

Everyone needs a new calendar to start off the year. Who doesn’t love a Sweet Pups calendar? Can you guess which SAer would be so thankful for this?


Let’s be honest.

Department specific gifts

Getting a little more specific here:

Creative department

Candy, lots and lots of candy. Candy makes the pain of the 7th round of revisions (that have been declared “HOT” every round) easier to take.

Gift for Accounting

Everyone does their time sheet ON TIME.

Gift for Media

Have you seen how many gifts the media department gets over the holidays? What can you get the department that has it all?

Gift for Digital

Ask all of your friends to “like” our Facebook page.

Gift for Client Service

A snuggie. This solves the bringing-a-blanket-into-meetings-dilemma! Snuggies allow for activities while maintaining warmth.

Gift for Public Relations

Unlimited interview opportunities for our clients on Ellen.