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Understanding Google SGE and Its Impact on SEO in 2024

Published On: February 27, 2024 | Categories: Advertising and Marketing, Data and Analytics, Digital |

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is bringing major changes to the search landscape. This experiential approach leverages generative AI to make it faster and easier for searchers to find the relevant results they’re looking for. While this provides a variety of benefits to searchers, many experts are predicting this change will have a negative impact on organic search results, and in turn, overall search engine optimization efforts.

If you’re unfamiliar with what SGE is or what it means for your SEO strategy, we’re here to help fill you in. Dive into the basics of the new Google Search Generative Experience and see how you can set your business up for SEO success in 2024 and beyond!

What Is the Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)?

Also known as their Search Generative Experience, Google is working with generative AI to expand how it can help you find useful, engaging information from vast search results. Their model interprets search queries and complex questions before delivering a simplified, tailored snapshot to you. Consider it a dynamic summary based on what SGE believes is the best way to present the information. Put simply, SGE provides a clear snapshot of information, powered by AI, that quickly provides searchers with the information they’re searching for without needing to click through search results.

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In many cases Google’s generative AI will draw from more than one source, choosing through context or other specifics based on your search input. Users can take these snapshots to answer their question or use it as a jumping-off point to adjust their searches with related resources and suggested follow-up questions.

Four Ways SGE Benefits Its Users

  1. Pulls high-quality information faster. Speed is always a priority for users, and SGE aims to make it easier to provide the relevant results as fast as possible. SGE provides searchers with the specific information they are looking for directly on the search engine results page, saving users time spent clicking through websites to find the answers they’re looking for.
  1. Presents information in easily digestible snapshots. SGE provides a simple, clear and visually appealing snapshot of information aimed at helping you find the exact answer you’re looking for without needing to sift through websites.
  1. Provides helpful suggestions for follow-up questions. Other follow-up questions are suggested in SGE snippets, helping searchers discover even more relevant information and resources.
  1. New paths for further information or next steps. SGE can help you quickly explore multiple resources, efficiently sifting through options to find the right way forward for you.

If SGE Changes Search, What Does It Mean for SEO in 2024?

While nothing is guaranteed, many SEO experts are predicting the Google SGE will lead to a decline in organic search traffic to many websites. Users that would previously find their answers after clicking through to a website now have that information presented immediately in an SGE snapshot.

To mitigate potential impact of SGE, the SEO experts at Strategic America have a few suggestions to enhance your current search engine optimization strategy.

How SA Is Optimizing for SGE

SA’s SEO experts are proactively addressing a potential shift away from organic traffic in a few key ways:

  • Implementing structured data to enhance content visibility and relevance. Implementing structured data (also known as schema markup) can help make your content more digestible to search engines and highlight the relevancy of content such as blogs, FAQs and more.
  • Optimizing for more long-tail conversational keywords. Showing up in SGE snapshots is far more likely when your content answers the specific questions searchers are typing into their search bar. SEO agencies utilize keyword tools that identify the specific questions searchers are asking so you can tailor your content to popular searches.

Where Others See Change, Strategic America Sees Opportunity

Working with a local digital marketing agency like Strategic America keeps your marketing goals in sight no matter how the digital landscape evolves. With decades of experience working with the latest industry tools, we’ll ensure new ideas like SGE mean new ways to grow!