Transform Your Business with Strategic Volunteering

Published On: April 10, 2024 | Categories: Blog, Culture |

A business’ success has never been solely measured by profits and market share. Your consumers and stakeholders are now more than ever looking beyond the bottom line and into the heart and soul of your company. They want to know what your business stands for and what it is doing to make the community better. Volunteering is a crucial component of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and opens doors for both the business and the employees who get involved.

The Value of Volunteering

Strategic America provides each employee with 17 hours of Volunteer Time Off (VTO) each year. The program is designed to allow employees the opportunity to volunteer during work hours. SA’s Chief Growth Officer Dave Miglin believes volunteering helps employees expand their community network, develop new skills, and become advocates for causes they care about, while being recognized for their contributions. Building relationships throughout your community creates connections for the employee and for the business.

The Ripple Effect of Giving Back

Clients and customers want to work with companies who show they care about more than profits. The impact of volunteering extends beyond the immediate benefits to the community. Customers increasingly want to support companies that demonstrate a commitment to social causes. Businesses that engage in volunteer activities can enhance their reputation as good corporate citizens, which can help attract and retain clients, customers, and employees.

Building Personal and Corporate Brands

Volunteering isn’t just about doing good; it’s also about building personal and corporate brands. By actively participating in volunteer activities, individuals can showcase their commitment to making a difference and enhance their professional reputation. Businesses that prioritize corporate social responsibility can stand out in a competitive market and build a positive brand image.

The Importance of Authenticity and Passion

To truly reap the benefits of strategic volunteering, it’s essential to approach it with authenticity and passion. Volunteering shouldn’t be undertaken as a task to be checked on a corporate social responsibility list, but rather as a genuine opportunity to making a difference. When individuals and businesses are authentically invested in the causes they support, their efforts are more likely to have a lasting impact.

Celebrate on Social Media

Miglin said social media plays a crucial role in spreading awareness and mobilizing support for causes. Businesses can leverage their social media channels to showcase their volunteer efforts and encourage others to get involved. Social media posts, in addition to email and in-person meetings, can help forge deeper connections with the organizations being supported and demonstrate a commitment to their missions.

Volunteering is a strategic necessity for businesses looking to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. By embracing corporate social responsibility and actively engaging in volunteer work, businesses can strengthen their relationships with clients, customers, and employees, while making a meaningful difference in the world.

Dave Miglin is Chief Growth Officer at Strategic America. Learn more about SA’s services.