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Choose Best Advertising Channels For Your Brand

Published On: April 9, 2024 | Categories: Advertising and Marketing, Blog, Digital |

If you are a business owner or marketer, you have never had more options for where you can place ads to showcase your brand and services. Media channels have exploded in the digital age, and so has the ability to better target ad dollars like never before. This explosion of options has also made the strategy behind your ad spend more complex than ever, and without the right team advising you on how to best spend your money, you could end up overspending without getting the results you need.

Understand goals and audiences

SA Digital Media Director Carolyn Hikiji recommends the first step to maximize your media strategy is personalization. Achieving desired results requires tailoring your media strategies to your goals and unique target audiences. Think of it as a roadmap; you must understand your specific business needs before choosing your best media mix. The perfect recipe, like with cooking, is all about choosing the right ingredients (channels) in the right quantity to get the results just right.

Goals can range from simply increasing brand awareness to generating leads, or often, a combination of both. If your goals are all about lead generation, digital tactics like search and paid social might be your go-to. But, for sustained results, most businesses should aim for a healthy balance between brand visibility and lead generation.

Embrace an integrated approach

SA Media Director Carole Curtis knows exactly how crucial it is to have an integrated approach. The line between traditional and digital media is steadily blurring. It’s like they’ve become best friends, and you’ve got to make them work together to talk to diverse audiences with a cohesive brand voice and mission. Traditional big guns like TV and radio still deliver in reaching massive audiences. But now, these outlets need to team up with trusted digital players like connected TV and streaming audio to effectively connect with intended audiences.

Adapt to changing audience habits

Speaking of change, businesses need to be quick on their feet and adapt to shifting audience habits. Curtis stresses the importance of keeping tabs on what’s hot in your industry and how target audiences are consuming media. Like how you may switch up your wardrobe for different seasons, it’s all about adapting to changing trends that can vary a lot depending on your audience, your marketing budget and your long-term goals.

Challenges in marketing attribution

A successful marketing mix requires constantly evaluating and adjusting to all the ways consumers interact with your brand on their way to purchasing what you are selling. Attribution has always been a bit like solving a puzzle, especially for traditional media tactics like television and radio. Hikiji, Curtis and the entire SA media team work with vendors to create models that show digital and traditional channels’ performance — especially when it comes to generating leads and meeting established metrics.

Leverage data

Now, let’s talk about data and how it’s a game-changer for your media strategy! Data helps businesses gain deep insights into what’s working and what’s not. It’s not just about choosing the right media channels. It’s also about creating content that fits your campaign objectives and keeps you relevant in this ever-changing landscape. You also don’t have to wait as long as you used to see trends develop. Your media strategy can adjust quickly to keep your goal on track.

In a world where the marketing media landscape is always in motion, it’s essential to take advice from experts like Hikiji and Curtis. To achieve your marketing goals, personalizing your marketing media channels to match your goals and audience is critical. To stay ahead in the marketing game, keep your finger on the industry’s pulse to quickly adapt to changing trends and aim for a balanced mix of traditional and digital media. In the end, a data-driven, integrated approach with an eye on relevant content is your ticket to success in this ever-changing media world.

SA is here to help

Whether you are starting from scratch or building a better strategic plan for 2024, SA’s team can help. A robust paid digital and media strategy is no longer an option but a necessity and a strategic investment, especially when paired with a dealership’s overall marketing efforts. Bring your big business goals to us, and we’ll help you develop a custom plan to get there.