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Marketing’s Time to Shine: SA’s CEO is Bullish on 2024

Published On: December 20, 2023 | Categories: Advertising and Marketing, Blog |

You can learn a lot from Strategic America’s CEO & President, John Schreurs, in just 10 minutes. We sat down with him for a quick look back at 2023 and a peek into his 2024 marketing crystal ball. We asked, how can businesses thrive in the new year? While 2023 has been a wild ride of constant change, Schreurs is very optimistic about what is going to happen next.

“This year was really a reset year for many of our clients,” Schreurs said. He talks to business owners daily about their challenges and how to better drive growth. From facing supply chain disruptions and the rising cost of goods to a battle for profit margins and fewer customer opportunities, companies battled all those factors plus budget and staffing changes.

Will 2024 be better? Schreurs, who’s been with SA for more than 40 years, doesn’t hesitate for a second — “Yes.”

“I’m bullish on 2024. I think the first part (Q1) is going to be the challenge where we’re going to continue to learn and build, but I am bullish on 2024 and excited to see what the second and third quarter of the year brings,” he said.

If you’re looking for help to get your business in a position to take advantage of what’s ahead in 2024, Schreurs said having a trusted partner like SA with you in the fight can make all the difference in navigating the complexities of the evolving market.

“Your trusted partners are the ones you’re going to lean on. To be a trusted partner means that I trust you enough to share more information, more of my concerns, and then be willing to listen to what solutions can be put into play and create a competitive advantage,” he said. Working with industry-leading clients across North America gives SA a unique perspective that clients value. Building trust helps elevate the understanding of business problems and how we can solve them together.

“This is a time for marketing to really shine,” he said. Performance marketing can be the growth engine companies seek in 2024. And being strategic fuels companies’ ongoing growth and success. SA is well-positioned to help with its wide range of services — from data and analytics to great storytelling, digital and web solutions, and strategic communications.

Now is the time to make marketing the linchpin of your company’s growth in 2024. Be optimistic and let SA help you find A Better Way in 2024. (Looking for even more 2024 marketing trends? We recommend this article.)