Every year April 1st comes around and you’d think people would learn to laugh at every “emergency” and second guess every happy announcement. But no. So, we’ll just continue pulling pranks and your blood pressure can rise until we say the phrase “April Fools!”

Personally, I have a hard time doing it. Either I can’t keep a straight face or I just feel so bad that I apologize before delivering the punch line. This year I was able to get away with a few post-its on the bottom of computer mouse(s) (mice?). This of course froze the mouse on the screen leaving the victim no choice but to wave it around until his or her arm got tired. Well, at least this is what I assume happened. Due to a few meetings I never did witness such frustration.

Because we’re an agency, we had a few tricks that were even more clever than mine (shocking, I know). Our IT guys hold our work lives in their hands and before 10 a.m. an entire department was in a tizzy about their screens constantly re-loading. The reason? One of the guys had apparently been on a non-work related site (never!) about golf which brought on all sorts of viruses to our server. After being officially banned from said site, someone cracked a smile and he knew what day it was.

The fun didn’t stop there. Fake email accounts were created, meetings were missed, snakes were let loose and in the words of Jim, “Don’t go in the bathrooms!”

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