Field Marketing

The right product for the right audience at the right time.

Field marketing has become second nature for us here at Strategic America. We’ve mastered the concepts of getting our clients’ channel partners to buy in to programs designed to increase their sales—and getting a consistent message out to diverse audiences.

What’s your distribution model? Whether it’s direct, one-step or two-step, we’ll make the marketing work. Who are your channel partners? Whether they’re independent dealers, company-owned, or multiline, we understand their unique needs—and how they see their role in your organization.

We’ll reach your channel partners with field sales training and incentives, merchandising and collateral, unloading programs, and many more programs designed to boost sales and loyalty. We’ll also help your partners reach their audience with retail sales training, better margins, marketing materials and much more, all to build an ongoing cycle of customer demand.

We’ve been doing it for more than 33 years. It’s working for our clients, and it’ll work for you.

Franchise and Dealer Advertising

Strengthening the brand on the local level.

In the world of advertising, large national brands are the prize many agencies pursue most diligently. But what about the thousands of dealers who support those large brands? Who helps these mom-and-pop stores, these franchises, these small businesses without big budgets?

We do. Strategic America has filled this void with field marketing efforts designed to align local dealer advertising with the big brands’ national efforts. Through our proprietary database, we can tailor targeted, efficient ad programs for an entire dealer network, whether that network consists of ten dealers or a thousand.

The bottom line: increased dealer participation, satisfaction and sales—and a stronger national brand.

Local Marketing Plans

Driving results for local businesses.

Most businesses hire advertising agencies for their expertise and specialized knowledge. Small businesses, in particular, are less likely to have their own marketing department, and often need the depth of expertise an agency can provide.

Strategic America has research and media planners and buyers on staff to develop local marketing plans targeted to each client’s needs and customized to drive results for local businesses.

The strategy we use to develop local marketing plans also focuses on generational marketing. Consumers today are becoming more segmented than ever, and Strategic America is segmenting them even further, focusing on the buying patterns of each generation to reach them in the most effective communication channels.

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