A Guide to Recognizing Insight

For companies looking to best understand their brand and improve the connection with their customers, a useful piece of consumer insight can pave the way to marketing success with memorable messaging that effectively attracts new customers. In our data-rich age, the abundance of readily available facts about customer behavior and preferences would make it seem that consumer insights would be available at any company’s finger tips.

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Where Strategy Lives

Strategy may be one of the more overused and misunderstood words in business. Where some may think it’s ‘ivory tower’ for MBAs or C-level execs, and others can’t get above the tactical demands of their workday, and yet, we’re all capable of being strategic. At SA, it is our belief that we can all engage in strategic thinking, and thus, have developed a place for strategy to be recognized and rewarded.

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Insights…From the Field

Our business is about identifying and applying insights to bring to bear practical results for our clients. Recently, we began surveying clients about trends and observations, and while we are expanding our research now, several key findings are beginning to be apparent, leading to field marketing insights. Today’s educated digital consumer comes to the dealership, agency or retail location knowing so much more.

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