Our Journey of 35 years

In 1980, in our own small business way, we opened our doors to the opportunities that we believed lie ahead. In part we were dreamers – believing but not yet seeing. We were accustomed to hard work well beyond traditional 40 hour work weeks. We [...]

2015-04-27T09:48:52-05:00April 27, 2015|Advertising and Marketing|

Yes, You Can. Go Green.

Strategic America has been making a long-term commitment to sustainability. And now, we’ve just received the Environmental Impact Award for Small Business from the Greater Des Moines Partnership, Center on Sustainable Communities and the Metro Waste Authority at an event sponsored by the Des Moines [...]

2019-01-31T14:59:16-06:00May 21, 2012|Culture|

A Time for Strategic Convergence

No doubt, these are certainly strategic times for all business with new challenges and new opportunities. Existing business practices are being reassessed for their value today. New platforms are being prepared to address technology changes and improvements. Hotspots are popping up all over that require [...]

2019-01-31T15:02:13-06:00March 7, 2012|Advertising and Marketing|
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