Talking So Customers Can Hear You

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Today, more than ever, companies need to engage in meaningful conversations with consumers to better align their company goals with their customers’ attitudes and needs.

This transformation means that marketers must increasingly find ways to connect with customers, resulting in the expanded use of a dynamic that’s defined as interactive marketing. Research shows this trend will ensure that companies are not just transaction-focused but truly and more importantly, customer-focused.

According to a report by Forrester’s, in the next four years, advertisers will spend $77 billion on interactive marketing. Incredibly, this spike will place it in the same investment range as television advertising.

The increasing importance of interactive marketing creates new opportunities for marketers to build and maintain meaningful relationships with consumers.

Emerging Media

The biggest trend will be the increased use of emerging media, including mobile marketing, social media and email advertising. Mobile marketing will receive a large chunk of the $77 billion because of the widespread adoption of tablets and use of smart phones.

Strategic America, in recognition of this growing trend, has adapted virtually all interactive marketing tactics for local use by channel partners of major companies. Since SA specializes in marketing through nationwide networks of local dealers, sales agents, franchisees and retailers, SA must also be on the leading edge of advertising and direct, interactive and digital marketing to ensure sales for our clients and satisfaction by their customers.

Strategic America offers customized, local interactive ad plans for clients’ local sales partners, fine tuned to their local needs. These plans are proving to be a highly effective and efficient means of driving prospect traffic and increasing sales.

For example, when Wendy’s was about to introduce  its new salad line, Strategic America approached stores in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana and Illinois with a concept to creatively launch the salads as more than just a new menu item.

Wendy’s Interacts to Sell Salads

Strategic America brought together more than 100 Wendy’s stores to create the “Which Salad Are You?” microsite, which consisted of a personality quiz matching consumers with their true salad personality. Not only did it introduce the salads in a fun and exciting way, it engaged the consumer with the brand, . The integrated campaign included billboards, in-store references, web banners, Facebook ads and radio spots promoting  the site and directing consumers to take the quiz and print off coupons. Consumers could use either a “$1 Off New Large Premium Salad” coupon or a “Free 20 oz. Soft Drink with the Purchase of a Large Premium Salad” coupon.

Sales increased from 4% to 7% on average in stores. The website had 11,873 viewers in three months with 7,123 printed coupons. The microsite  that SA created for Wendy’s was the recipient of a Gold ADDY® Award.

For more information on how Strategic America can tailor interactive advertising plans for your local sales partners, call me at:  515.453.2047.

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