Getting out — or in — to the field nearly always provides a fresh perspective on marketing. I’m not talking about the plains, prairies or terrain. I’m talking about where local intersects with brand and produces results. Where sales and services are delivered for enterprise brands.

It’s exciting because the field is where so many problems are solved and opportunities are discovered. It’s where Strategic America has chosen to engage our minds, hearts and talents.

If you ask many in our industry, they’re likely to question the importance of field marketing or may suggest that it’s hard work. True. But our response is, at the field level is where businesses are built, where the entrepreneurial spirit is alive, and where new and better ideas are often found.

Innovation at the field level is more than new products being discovered. It’s more about how new connections are being made. Connections between technology and the skilled team on the ground. Like IoT, the Internet of Things is proliferating with household devices connected to smartphones. It’s expected to double in five years, so it’s worth noting. But more importantly, it will provide the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction because of its customized, personalized and timely information.

When marketers can address relevant streams of consumer data, new marketing touch points emerge. We are more in-step with our customers’ needs. We gain insights through the signs or signals they send. We serve rather than sell, thus becoming valued partners in making customers’ homes more comfortable.

Isn’t that where we want to be?

Insights from the field lead us to competitive advantages for our clients to grow their businesses.