digital consumer

Our business is about identifying and applying insights to bring to bear practical results for our clients. Recently, we began surveying clients about trends and observations, and while we are expanding our research now, several key findings are beginning to be apparent, leading to field marketing insights.

  • Today’s educated digital consumer comes to the dealership, agency or retail location knowing so much more. They’ve already begun culling the options. Now they want to see how the brand is delivered at the field level. They want to know how service will be delivered. And, they want to know what the value/offer/deal is in person.
  • They are at your place of business because of four primary reasons
    • They value the service component of the product purchase, service that explains and stands with them beyond the sale;
    • The brand that has attracted their interest and potential purchase has been researched;
    • They want the best value. They understand promotions and want to take advantage of any that are available;
    • They’ve researched your local reputation.

The implication to you as a dealer, agent or franchisee is this – they know more than your customers of 5 or 10 years ago. They are ready to buy, but they need assurance that only comes from face-to-face interactions. So your new role is now based on:

  • Understanding how important service is to them; listening and conveying it in relevant, believable ways.
  • Taking their cues regarding the digital experience. Getting them to share what they’ve studied and already learned. Appreciating that as they are educated consumers, the discussion can now move to an elevated level. Perhaps it means describing the way your process serves customers better. Or, how current customers speak of your service. Yes, there’s still power in testimonials.
  • Informing them of current, and possibly, upcoming promos. Helping them understand how product, place, and promotion impact price.

The idea is to help them make a purchase, but also to become an advocate for you, your brands, and your service.

Insights drive more productive interaction, and results.