About this time every year, SA teams fan out across the country to meet and interact with clients and their local dealers, agents and local partners who participate in corporate programs designed to help them do more in each of their markets.

Lennox dealer meeting

Mike Hart, Dave Lennox and Quan Nguyen at a recent Lennox LIVE dealer meeting.

When we hit the road, we’re interacting with local professionals via presentations, small groups, one-on-ones and social gatherings. Dealers attend to learn about what’s new, see how they are being rolled out for their consideration, learn from their peers, ask questions, and to make plans for the coming year.

Through thousands of these meetings, we’ve learned the value in keeping it simple.

At SA, keeping it simple means being knowledgeable of each market, understanding the unique nature of each dealer to be able to dial in an overall strategy so that what may be complex is simple to comprehend: to select, to execute at scale, and to measure.

But it’s hardly simple. Underlying all of what we do is extensive research to gain market understanding, strategy development, technology support and execution. The trick is to make it look simple.

Clients tell us this in a variety of ways. “We appreciate how you’ve captured the essence of our brand. That kind of clarity brings focus and power to our value proposition.” Another recently told us, “You’re tasked with taking our goals, all of our individual markets, and the unique variables they represent, and then making the complex, simple.”

It’s probably the closest thing to an illusion of magic that occurs in our business. But the truth is, it’s focused, detailed work that just needs clarity at the end. When that happens, yes, it’s a little bit of magic. Courtesy of many smart SA strategists, planners, buyers and talented contributors.

Keeping with the theme, here’s our call to action to you as a prospect – give us one of your most challenging assignments. Let us dig in and immerse ourselves with the underlying facts, the truth we need to know. Then, we’ll respond with a simple, perhaps even elegant, plan for you to implement for success. Sound good? Give us a call.