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Digital Media Trends to Watch in 2019

Modern, effective marketing requires a digital presence. For marketers used to the tried and true tactics of ‘traditional’ marketing, that can be daunting. Luckily, evolving marketing platforms provide our industry more touch points for reaching audiences—rather than making previous efforts suddenly useless. As digital becomes more integrated into marketing mixes, it’s important to look ahead and watch for trends.

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From the Field: Marketing Your Product, or Service, or Both?

As corporate marketers consider the rapidly changing customer journey, they know the impact a digital presence has on that journey toward product purchase. Today’s digitally educated and astute customers have done their research online, considered competitors and reviewed satisfaction sites, and now are ready to purchase your product or service and the experience you promise.

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Digital Solutions: B2B Efficiency, Value and Reporting

It started before 2000, then Y2K certainly accelerated it. Digital solutions. Now, digital apps bring value to businesses and consumers. Speed . . . efficiency . . . value . . . even fun . . . are the essential ingredients. In the field/channel marketing category, SA has developed a number of these apps. Back in 1998, we designed SMP®, an automated media planning and placement solution.

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