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Dear College Graduate

College Graduates: Advice When Sending Your Resume

Dear College Graduate…. Spring has sprung and with it a new crop of college graduates looking to land their dream job right out of the gate. We’ve all been there and we all know how hard it is to get the attention of a hiring manager. As I see my inbox fill with the resumes of so many hopefuls fresh out of the classroom, I do make note of who is interested in our agency.

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Dashboard Makeovers: Three Redesign Tips

At Strategic America, we strive to “find a better way” in everything we do. As a data scientist and dashboard designer it’s a guiding principal for the work I do every day for SA clients. In the world of data visualization, always striving for improvement, is the driving force behind dashboard makeovers. Often a dashboard may be put together on the fly for quick data visualization without thought of consumption.

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Crafting Your Ideal “After” Customer

Does your product or service make someone’s life better? More convenient? Simpler? If so, then this exercise is designed to help speak to how someone feels AFTER they use your brand. Close your eyes and picture your ideal customer before they have found you. For example, if you sell foam infant bathtubs you may picture a first-time mom, who is stressed, frustrated and maybe even a little scared every time they give their precious newborn baby a bath.

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Why You Should Consider Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the latest marketing buzzwords. A look at Google Trends shows that Google searches have been rising significantly. So what is influencer marketing and why should I care? Influencer marketing involves marketing products or services to those who have “influence” over how consumers buy. Similar to a celebrity endorsement or testimonial, except for the influencer doesn’t have to be a celebrity, more often the influence stems from that individual’s expertise or reputation.

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How to Manage Company Moves/Expansions

The growth of any organization brings a level of excitement and, honestly, apprehension for all team members. Why? Because it means change – change to the physical space they sit in, who they sit next to, how far it is to the printer, what they do and even how they do it. Growth typically requires a review of the organization’s physical space needs.

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Sorry Millennials – Your 15 Minutes Are Almost Over.

As many businesses continue to grapple with how they will market their products or services to the generation known as “Millennials” or “Generation Y” (those persons born between 1982 and 1995), the next generation is already in position to surpass them in terms of consumer buying power. Get ready for Gen Z! Generation Z is defined as persons born after 1995, although most sources have yet to define the cutoff date.

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Strategic America Brings Artificial Intelligence to Marketing Analytics

We’ve often asked the questions, “What if…” This question has led to the design and development of our Metis SaaS field marketing platform. And has led to new and better ways to develop and deliver a client’s message. Recently, we found ourselves asking the question again: “What could we gain from bringing IBM’s Watson to SA for ourselves and our clients?” Well, we’re about to find out.

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