According to Trendwatching, 2020 trends indicate metamorphic design will be critical to answering to consumer demand and relevance as a service. Metamorphic design is about adjusting your brand’s offerings to the changing lifestyles of your consumer.  

Consumer expectations are changing and blending together. Let’s start with accurate personalization. From the correct spelling of their name to order history, consumers demand perfection from brands they use the most.

Next take on-demand convenience. With the evolution of digital spaces, consumers expect everything—and we mean everything—to be ultra-convenient. Services that previously seemed unnecessary are now booming. For example, did you know that Trendwatching found 54% of online shoppers have are subscribed to at least one to curated box service?

As marketers, it’s more important than ever that we have a pulse on consumers and their needs.

Humans are constantly changing.   A product that was perfect one day becomes imperfect and outdated the next. That’s one reason 39% of global businesses deliver personalized experiences in real-time. Be aware that as your consumers experience tech-savvy brands seemingly unrelated to your offerings, their expectations are reset. And the bar is then set higher. 

So, we challenge ourselves, our clients and you to continue to innovate with in products, services and even brand messages. Every one of us has to aim to meet consumers where they are in their journey.