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What are Google Home Services Ads and Why Should You Care?

Chances are you’ve already heard about this Google program rolling out, but if you haven’t, let’s break it down. The Home Service Ads (HSAs) are here to help people find trustworthy professionals—specifically in the home services industry (think HVAC professionals, locksmiths, plumbers, etc.). It’s a result that will appear as a 3-pack at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and will allow people to book an appointment quickly.

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Nine Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Ads Are Compliant

In 2015, there were 2 million active advertisers on Facebook. That statistic has grown immensely over the past two years, with small businesses dominating the marketplace. Does your company use this platform? If so, are your ads compliant? Instead of finding out the hard way, read our Facebook compliance tips to better prepare yourself for your next sponsored post.

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What Makes a Facebook Ad Successful?

What determines success when it comes to sponsored Facebook ads? Here are three reporting metrics to evaluate. Metric #1 – Return on Investment (ROI) ROI is a great metric to have, but it does require a little work. When setting up a campaign, ensure proper tracking is in place so you can visibly see and account for every lead that came through your ad.

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Search is changing

How Google is Changing the Home Services Category

All good things must come to an end. For SEOs, this means that we’re constantly reinventing the wheel, studying Google and developing new strategies. Usually, it also means that the once easier and free method has become less easy and less free. For those of us in the home services category (or with clients in the home services category), things are changing again.

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Redesign thought process

Data-driven design is the new redesign

“I don’t like the way our site looks. We should redesign the whole thing!” When the word “redesign” is muttered, thoughts rush our brains with new coats of paint, enhanced functionality, new messaging … but what for? Why is this redesign even on the table? Without data, decisions are based only on our thoughts. Data gives us the what and why.

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Dear College Graduate

College Graduates: Advice When Sending Your Resume

Dear College Graduate…. Spring has sprung and with it a new crop of college graduates looking to land their dream job right out of the gate. We’ve all been there and we all know how hard it is to get the attention of a hiring manager. As I see my inbox fill with the resumes of so many hopefuls fresh out of the classroom, I do make note of who is interested in our agency.

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Dashboard Makeovers: Three Redesign Tips

At Strategic America, we strive to “find a better way” in everything we do. As a data scientist and dashboard designer it’s a guiding principal for the work I do every day for SA clients. In the world of data visualization, always striving for improvement, is the driving force behind dashboard makeovers. Often a dashboard may be put together on the fly for quick data visualization without thought of consumption.

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Crafting Your Ideal “After” Customer

Does your product or service make someone’s life better? More convenient? Simpler? If so, then this exercise is designed to help speak to how someone feels AFTER they use your brand. Close your eyes and picture your ideal customer before they have found you. For example, if you sell foam infant bathtubs you may picture a first-time mom, who is stressed, frustrated and maybe even a little scared every time they give their precious newborn baby a bath.

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