Case Study: Integrated Retargeting Bring Results

Published On: March 22, 2021 | Categories: Data and Analytics |

Written by: Emily Bussiere, Amanda Glynn, Kaitlin Wren

Strategic America is an expert in the home products and services space. From heating and cooling to window and doors (and everything in-between), we’ve made it our mission to help our local clients get noticed by customers.

As Strategic Americans, we’re on the hunt for a better way, always. That’s always been our goal, but it is especially important with a crowded competitive landscape and customer journey that’s constantly evolving.

In pursuit of a better way, we discovered a way to track visitors to local websites and append their IP address for a home mailing address. This reverse IP retargeting process allowed us to continue their customer journey utilizing direct mail and capture sales that might have been lost online. The integrated campaign brought notable results—and could offer lessons for others who need consumers to take the next step toward a conversion.

Our Challenge

Most of our clients depend on appointments with potential customers to have an opportunity to sell their products and services in the home. And while localized websites make it easier than ever to do research and schedule an appointment online, not everyone who visits the site is ready to schedule an appointment. Each time a potential customer leaves our website without making an appointment, potential revenue is left on the table.

That was our challenge. How could we increase the conversion rate on prospects that come to websites but do not immediately request an appointment?     

Our Solution

Integrating digital and offline strategies to retarget interested consumers made all the difference.

We created a postcard with a special offer and sent it right to their mailbox after their website visit was captured. Our goal was to capitalize on their initial purchase intent that may have otherwise been lost.

Why It Works

According to a report from Gartner Research in 2019, integrated campaigns across four or more channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by up to 300%. It’s crucial to integrate your offline and online strategies to create a cohesive customer experience throughout their purchasing journey.

Reverse IP is an innovative targeted marketing strategy that provides relevant and timely reminder to schedule their appointment to complete their individualized customer journey.

The Impact

We’ll let you in on the results from two campaigns at Strategic America. The first was for a heating and cooling company with local branches across the U.S. and Canada.

In the campaign, we retargeted more than 30,000 prospects who had previously visited one of our local websites. After receiving a direct mail offer, these customers have responded with more than $200,000 in sales. Integrating online and traditional efforts has been very successful at driving leads at the local level.

Our results:

  • New customers: 136
  • Response rate: 0.43%
    • Twice as effective when compared to other prospecting campaigns
  • Average revenue: $1,748
  • Cost per customer: $226.49
  • Campaign ROI: 301%

The second campaign ran for a client specializing in premium windows and doors. Over three mail drops in 2020, we sent follow-up direct mail to 13,682 prospects. After performing a match back analysis, we were able to tie $252,879 in sales back to the reverse IP campaign.

Our results:

  • Opportunities generated: 25
  • Average sale size: $10,115
  • Cost per opportunity: $498
  • Campaign ROMI: 20.33

Seem Like a Fit for You?

While every campaign is unique, these two examples make a strong case for the power of reverse IP retargeting and integrated campaigns.  If you need a marketing partner to help you execute a campaign of your own, get in touch. We’d love to walk through some options for your business.