Strategic America Brings Artificial Intelligence to Marketing Analytics

Published On: March 9, 2017 | Categories: Data and Analytics |

We’ve often asked the questions, “What if…” This question has led to the design and development of our Metis SaaS field marketing platform. And has led to new and better ways to develop and deliver a client’s message. Recently, we found ourselves asking the question again: “What could we gain from bringing IBM’s Watson to SA for ourselves and our clients?” Well, we’re about to find out.

There’s no doubt that data and the insights gained from data makes us more strategic in serving our clients. Better business decisions made more quickly through guided discovery. The ability to leverage predictive analytics to get to statistical analysis. Finding hidden patterns to make actionable insights. Ability to ask questions in ‘natural language.’ Building better, more illustrative dashboards. Strategic America delivers all that.  And now with the introduction of AI into our analytics department we will be able to analyze data quicker to deliver deeper insights.

Smart people and analytics help us to better understand the intrinsic nature of our client’s business, to be able to tell a better story and communicate with prospects and customers more effectively. Adding Watson Analytics to our arsenal of tools will help us to be a better business partner and a better agency.

SA is continually looking for competitive advantages we can bring to our clients. To paraphrase our mission, “Better ways result in better results.”  That’s what SA’s been doing for 37 years, and the capabilities and opportunities to do just that are now more exciting than ever. Give us a call or email and let’s discuss your business.