Email marketing is an important part of reaching our current customers as well as potential customers. Worlddata was a featured presenter at the &THEN DMA conference in October. From their presentation, here are 10 important tips to consider in your next email marketing campaign

1. Linking to various parts of your website in a single email actually prevents your viewer from finding your offer online. If the logo in your email is linked to your home page, business to consumer (B-to-C) emails lose 17 percent of their clicks. Similarly, business to business (B-to-B) emails lose 22 percent. Emails that have all primary links going to a single-offer page have a 55 percent higher overall conversion rate.

2. Subject line trends:

  • Adding a question in your subject line results in an 11 percent higher overall open rate.
  • Subject lines that are full of suspense have a 27 percent higher overall open rate.
  • Brands using emojis in their subject lines have a 31 percent higher overall open rate.
  • Personalized subject lines lift open rates by 22 percent. This is a good strategy for B-to-B campaigns as well.

3. Make sure emails are proofed on mobile devices before they are deployed.

4. Subject lines have become the “from”  line and the pre-header description has become the “subject” line, so make sure you utilize up to 85 characters to describe your offer with a sense of urgency. Offer descriptions in the header create a 23 percent higher open rate compared to other email campaigns that don’t make use of this space.

5. The number one item that drives email response rates is a sense of urgency. One way to create a sense of urgency is to include a date in your subject line. This will generate a 37 percent higher open rate. Other good uses of urgency include:

  • 2 Days Until Offer Expires
  • Registration Ends Today
  • Last Chance To Save
  • Free Webinar on April 11

6. Offers that have traditionally been considered B-to-C work very well in a B-to-B environment and vice versa. For example, flash sales work well for B-to-B and early bird discounts work well for B-to-C audiences.

7. A/B test 10 percent of your database instead of splitting it in half. Then use the winning email to deploy to the rest of your list. This is the most efficient way to test for without compromising your open rates.

8. Make sure your landing page has the same primary image as your email. This has shown to generate a 28 percent higher overall conversion rate.

9. Invitation emails are performing very well. B-to-C invitations are showing a 25 percent lift in open rates while B-to-B campaigns have a 19 percent lift in open rates.

10. Utilize to check your subject line before you send your email campaign. It will provide a score of how your subject line is rated, and is free!
















Image via Worldata