Fireside Insights with Mike Schreurs

Fireside Insights – Re-branding with Mike Schreurs

Published On: August 8, 2013 | Categories: Advertising and Marketing |

We’ve started a new video series called Fireside Insights here at Strategic America. These videos will feature our Strategic Americans, partners and clients. The cool fire intro is just the beginning.

In our first round of videos, Mike Schreurs answers critical questions in regards to branding and re-branding your business. A while back he chatted with the Des Moines Business Record about the topic in their article “Gaining Clarity: Evolving your Brand.” Branding and re-branding your business are critical marketing strategies that will inevitably need attention throughout your business’s existence. Branding is that critical marketing step to initially connect with your consumers. The right time to re-brand requires planning and research.

Check out a few videos below on Strategic America’s approach to branding and re-branding.

Video 1: What does branding mean to you?

Video 2: Why is on-target branding so critical?

Video 3: What are the most heard comments from clients when re-branding is initially discussed?

But wait, there’s more!

For more Fireside Insights on branding and re-branding, check out our YouTube playlist. Keep an eye out for more Fireside Insights as we sit down with Angela Maiers, renowned teacher, leader and communicator in a couple of weeks.