The Biggest Marketing Opportunity In 2012 is . . . Retail.

Published On: December 20, 2011 | Categories: Advertising and Marketing |

SA Delivers Service and Tech Solution Suite: Mētis

Retail is the space where the power of consumer purchasing is engaged and where the competitive dynamics of the marketplace are full-blown. Marketers and their brands live and die here.  Hundreds or thousands of retailers, whether independent and corporate-owned, compete among marketing’s four Ps—price, product, promotion and place in a complex environment, with infinite variables.

It’s where the brand experience thrives, sales are made and jobs are created (nearly 500,000 for seasonal sales alone). It’s where best practices emerge and collectively, where customers prove who and what is worthy of their purchases.

Understanding this space and developing simple, scalable solutions is critical.

For a manufacturer distributing through independent retailers, the challenge is to determine how to engage them in your program – a promotion, new product, and market launch or co-op marketing opportunity – in an efficient, effective, measurable way.

What many manufacturers and retailers are missing is the collaborative link – the interface of strategy, technology and service that makes the complex, simple. Over the past 31 years, Strategic America has grown, due to its field marketing expertise, particularly in developing software and database systems, networks and processes that accommodate retail’s numerous variables, allowing companies to focus on their underlying business models and growth goals.

At Strategic America, we empower retailers through intuitive marketing technology scaled to support extensive marketing endeavors and (whose?)teams dedicated to service.

We call this empowerment space, aka our suite of digital services – Mētis – named for the mythical icon of strategy. Mētis brings technology solutions designed to stimulate results. Among our key Mētis services are:

  • Automated on-demand media planning/placement with a variety of local media choices
  • Prepackaged media programs with individually tailored local options for retailers to select
  • Design-on-demand ads for pre-approved brand unity and compliance
  • ROI campaign measurement for reporting
  • Direct marketing strategies including customer satisfaction, proximity, traditional and online
  • Account management system for easy compilation of data and reporting

Any of these Mētis options may be selected to serve a company’s marketing needs. Strategic America’s team of talented professionals serves and supports these digital solutions.

The result – an integrated paradigm to view field and channel marketing strategies; a better way to engage and support your retail partners; with a marketing partner that brings it together for you – Strategic America. Contact us online or call 515-453-2000 today to get started.

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