The Most Powerful Forces in Business

Published On: June 2, 2011 | Categories: Advertising and Marketing |

What are the most powerful forces in business?  An idea whose time has come? An entrepreneur who passionately devotes him- or herself to its realization and fulfillment? Yes and yes. Then add the impact of scale. Multiply x 50,000 x 100,000. This is where small gets big!

This is channel marketing, also known as field marketing. And it’s the business space in which Strategic America works every day. For over 30 years, we’ve passionately served entrepreneurs – small business types, dreamers, operators, inventors and the like – who’ve chosen to align with great regional, national or international brands. They may be dealers, distributors, agents, brokers or franchisees. They operate individually and collectively to bring the power of their ideas and ethos to the marketplace to succeed. They know how to fix, adapt, sell and service everything from furnaces to lawn mowers, from window shades to insurance needs. They know how to build trust and relationships across America.

Harnessing the impact of entrepreneurship while advancing to a desired competitive advantage–This is where SA delivers a unique combination of service, expertise and technology for results at scale. And scale is times 10-, 25-, or 50,000. That translates into powerful results.

Success stories often start small. They require coaching, attention to detail and an understanding of how to translate a brand  to a defined proximity, and processes that result in purposeful success. We believe in, know and serve some of the greatest individual clients – roughly 40,000 of them – one at a time, and at scale.

Trust that your idea has potential; that you have the passion to realize your business dream.  And as you grow, find the right agency partner to continue your journey to success.