The 4 Cs of Strategic America’s Creative

Published On: May 20, 2011 | Categories: Advertising and Marketing |

We know what you’re probably thinking. Those “creative types.” Their offices exist somewhere far away in the building, they sit in beanbag chairs pulling ideas out of thin air, and they most definitely beat to the tune of their own drummer without much consideration for the typical processes and procedures of the agency. Right? Not at Strategic America.

While creativity is often perceived as “free-form,” “organic” and “unstructured,” Strategic America’s creative process is truly that–a process. We believe that in order for top-quality creative design to take place, there must be practical procedures established that encourage the development of unique, unconventional results.  Our branding strategy is comprised of several foundational process elements that come together to create the execution of powerful ideas.

From the initial orientation phase where an overall understanding of required deliverables, timeline and budget are determined to the development of the creative brief in the strategy phase, each step of the process is as important as the one before. Throughout Strategic America’s 30 years of existence as a company, we have refined this strategy and created the ideal balance between artistic thought and proven procedure.

Strategic America’s branding process would not be successful without the foundation upon which it is built. This foundation is comprised of what we like to call the 4 Cs of SA’s creative, including:

  • Creativity–possessing fundamental artistic and design talent
  • Collaboration–working effectively with each member of the team to share ideas and develop the best possible brand concept
  • Communication–verbalizing what needs to be done and how to accomplish it efficiently
  • Chemistry–realizing that each member of the team processes creativity differently and will bring unique perspective and ideas to the project

At Strategic America, we believe strongly that exceptional creativity results from the universal commitment made by each of our departments to collaborate effectively with one another toward exceeding the expectations of our diverse clients.