When it comes to designing websites, you may have heard the terms User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Both are essential when designing a website. Would you rather have a nice-looking website or a website that drives conversions and makes money? Trick question! You can have both! You just have to use UI and UX in harmony. And research with users makes sure your decisions don’t allow one to make the other suffer.

Before I go any further, let’s breakdown UI and UX. In the Digital Happy Hour episode below, I walk through the differences between the two and why they are important.

Digital Happy Hour

We can gain so much insight by looking at the data, testing our hypotheses and talking to users. User research is critical to building a website that converts. Think about your experiences searching or shopping on a website. I bet you can recall a time when you got frustrated because you couldn’t find something, a link wasn’t working, directions were unclear or the design was messy and unprofessional. Ring any bells?

In today’s world, people are becoming accustomed to convenience and customization, which means you need to make your website easy for the user to navigate, and easy for them to find information or products they are wanting—all while looking professional and staying on brand. You can’t do any of this without knowing your user first. How do you get to know your user? Research.

At SA, we are constantly testing and looking for ways to increase conversions. See an issue on your website? SA can turn those issues into hypotheses and test them. Whether it’s a heatmap, user session recording, user test or customer survey, SA will do the research to find a solution for any website problem. SA uses conversion optimization tools to plan, track, test and analyze results, providing clients with the data and insights needed to confirm statistically significant results that will drive conversions.

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