PR Year in Review

PR Year in Review

Published On: May 16, 2016 | Categories: Public Relations |

PR Year in Review

Yes, it’s May, but it’s never too late to look back and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. That’s exactly what our PR team has done over the last couple months. While we gathered the stats for this infographic, we were able to see how much our team, and our work, has evolved. We do all sorts of projects for our clients at Strategic America, and a majority of our PR team’s work falls into three categories:

Media Relations

Media relations is one of the most well-known tools in the PR toolbox and an area where we continue to find creative ways to elevate our clients. From national publications like AdAge and the New York Times to the local TV, radio, blogs and newspapers here in Des Moines and in other communities statewide where our clients operate, we delivered coverage exceeding 200 million in total circulation.

Content Strategy and Development

Especially in the last two years, the SA PR team has ramped up our work with content strategy and development. We wrote optimized content for nearly as many website pages as we did blog posts. We produced numerous social media posts to be published on numerous platforms. We even created our own content, from videos to infographics. We embraced what PR guru Shonali Burke calls social PR, or integrating your traditional and digital efforts. And since this area is always changing, we continue to develop our knowledge of new platforms and experiment to find out what will, or won’t, help our clients meet their business goals.


Of course, events still make up a big portion of our work too. Last year, we had the opportunity help with all sorts. We brainstormed ideas for trade shows and planned employee rallies. We organized media events and helped with fundraisers. We worked a home show and the Iowa State Fair. We found unique ways to promote the events and engage with attendees, which in total added up to nearly a quarter of a million people. Many of the events we worked on last year have or will repeat this year, and we’re well on our way to surpassing the number of people we’ll reach in 2016.

So although we’re nearly halfway through the year, we’re already planning for our next fiscal year, which for SA begins in August. Taking a minute to see where we’ve been helps us determine what we want to do differently and what we want to do more of in the future.