Group of volunteers

Generosity is one of our values Strategic America. It reveals itself in the numerous pro bono projects and campaigns we are involved in. Our associates, too, demonstrate this in their own ways toward their own interest–whether it be community, charitable, civic or faith areas.  In this month, National Volunteer Month, I’d like to celebrate that spirit of giving back, paying forward, and engaging in purposeful acts of kindness. They make our community, our nation and the world a better place.

While I’m involved in many different volunteer organizations, I want to highlight what SA and our associates do with United Way. For 10 consecutive years, we have enjoyed a remarkable 100% participation level of employee giving. When that happens, our staff has the opportunity to suggest and then enjoy seeing us do some ridiculous things as a result of achieving our goal. From relay races dressed as hamburger buns at I-Cubs games to dunk tanks, sumo wrestling, forehead tattoos–we’ve been game to see that complete involvement.

I’ve also had the opportunity to serve on the Central Iowa United Way’s Marketing Cabinet, the Tocqueville Council, and to receive the Impact Award on behalf of SA. More importantly, I’ve seen how SA’s leadership in an important community cause is truly impacting the lives of people close to home. It makes giving mean even more.

I’ve learned a while back that when you connect heart and head for a worthwhile effort, great things can happen. Over the next several months, others within our SA team will share how they are inspired to get involved and give of their time and money. It’s a part of who we are, and it’s what makes this a very special place.