Best of Des Moines 2013

Strategic America Wins Three Best Of Awards in Business Record’s Best of Des Moines 2013

Published On: October 7, 2013 | Categories: Public Relations, Social Media |

We’re honored with our awards for the Best of Des Moines, including Best Company Use of Social Media, Best Public Relations Firm and Best Small Company with a Bright Future. Year after year, SA continues to push our team members to live up to the principles we preach. Here’s how we’re living each of these awards:

Best Company Use of Social Media

First and foremost, we’re proud of SA’s culture, so social media is a channel we utilize to showcase what makes SA unique. Each account has its own strategy with content suited for the appropriate target audience. We make it a point to create engaging and truthful content about our agency, as well as the capabilities we specialize in. The people of SA are what truly make it such a great place to work. We’re ambitious to continue expanding our social presence, and now have new company Twitter and YouTube accounts. We will continue to feature our great work and broadening capabilities at SA – and throw in a few light-hearted bits in there, too.

Best Public Relations Firm

Our public relations team, now under the able leadership of Emily Abbas, is strong and mighty. We understand our clients, their industries and their needs. From our strong relationships with the media to working with clients on the most effective strategies for reaching their goals, our team focuses on developing and implementing strategic plans and communications.

Each of our clients has a story to tell and we are more than happy to help share it.

Best Small Company with a Bright Future

Through our dedication to building expertise in the housing, retail, financial services and health industries, we have widened our capabilities. With this expanded scope we’re determined to yield results in the upcoming year and continue to expand our competencies.

The addition of a few senior-level leaders has helped strengthen the interactive services and public relations teams while also building our branding capabilities. For some, the future can look ominous, but here at SA we can’t wait to see what’s next.