Smart Farm Media Event

Successful Media Event Focuses on Technology, Which Made the Event Possible

Published On: September 13, 2013 | Categories: Digital, Public Relations |

Technology played more than one role in a recent Iowa LinkedUp media event highlighting the critical role of broadband in rural Iowa.

Iowa LinkedUp, a Strategic America client, partnered with Clear2there to host a smart-farm technology showcase demonstrating remote monitoring technology for daily farm operations via a live video teleconference at Iowa Network Services (INS) in West Des Moines and on-site at the farm 125 miles away. Clear2there is a leading provider of advanced video surveillance, smart-farm, smart-home and smart-business applications.

The demonstration originated on Joe Hossle’s farm near Emerson, Iowa. Hossle, who grows corn and soybeans and keeps a few cattle, demonstrated how he uses smart-farm technology to improve his operations with the help of high-speed broadband services. From his smart phone, tablet or computer, Hossle monitors water and feed levels for livestock, controls thermostats and door locks, manages grain bin capacity and checks fuel tanks. He also views live and recorded video surveillance to make sure his buildings, equipment, crops and livestock stay safe.

Media events are not unique, but this demonstration enabled journalists from central Iowa to participate in a live, interactive video conference. Several reporters attended the demonstration in-person at the farm and the room was full back at INS, where participants engaged in real-time, two-way discussions and interacted with those on the farm. INS also created a USTREAM for the event that enabled 25 individuals to view the session and submit questions, which the speakers then answered.

While the event focused on advancements in ag technology in Iowa, the format of the media event further highlighted how important technology is in our daily lives and the opportunities it provides in both our professional and personal lives.

Check out some of the media hits:

Iowa LinkedUp is a rural telecommunications advocacy group comprised of members from Iowa Network Services (INS), Iowa Telecommunications Association (ITA) and Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association (RIITA). Its goal is to spread awareness of the rural telecommunications and broadband infrastructure to all Iowans by keeping the public informed on industry issues that impact the state.