Question time. Where is transformation? What is the virtual intersection of heart and head for your business?

Tip: It’s here where you find passion, innovation, service and satisfaction. It’s often the “secret sauce” of your business.

If your enterprise did not exist, what would the rest of us be missing?  And, thank goodness your business does exist, because now we can sample and realize that something special does happens at your company. Your secret sauce brings out the best of your team members and those you serve.

How do you describe it? How do you define it? How do you view what is most valuable to your organization and the marketplace? You must frame it on your terms. Focus it forward (like this image). This simple hand exercise brings you into the future of your enterprise. Keeping it simple, here are 10 ways to see, reflect and value your future. Answer these questions and see the clarity they bring.

  1. What are the values that really mean something in your business?
  2. What culture do those values live in? How do others describe it?
  3. What’s cookin’ in your culture? You can sense it, smell it and taste it.
  4.  How do you bring forth new ideas and innovation?
  5. What constitutes a win? And, how do you celebrate them?
  6. How do you handle losses? Is the pick-yourself-up a learning exercise?
  7. What unique mixture of old and new seems to be at work?
  8. How do you track what’s happening? Measure the keys.
  9. How can you keep it going? Know how to feed the excitement?
  10. Why is it so special? To you and to them?

At SA – Strategic America – we ask ourselves these types of questions as we continue to adapt—directly and intuitively – to the needs and forces of a very dynamic marketplace. We know that companies across the board are doing this, as well. Watch what is happening with JCPenney. It’s in a re-positioning that will vitally change this company. My guess is, for the better.

SA’s mission of “finding a better way, always” is similar to others (such as Hulu) who learn to embrace innovation and continuously live there.  A recent 4A’s conference featured speakers from various companies and firms across the spectrum – agencies, media, technology firms like Google and others – all of whom in one way or another shared their views of a transformative time. I have a suggestion, an offer. If you’re looking to answer some of these questions above, let’s get together and talk. We’d like to find out more about you, your future and the way you personally define success.

I could write about each of the above, but the real value comes in passing it along to you and letting the thought process begin. We know that when the ‘magic’ of business takes over, marvelous things can happen.

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