What’s IT Got to Do With It?

Published On: June 10, 2011 | Categories: Digital |

Well, to start, we’d counter that question with one of our own: What DOESN’T IT have to do with it?

From phone systems to networks to servers to teleconferencing to basic email communication (you get the idea), IT makes it all happen. What’s more, if IT staff members are succeeding at their jobs, you’re not aware of their presence at all. The IT guys and gals are the unsung heroes of a well-functioning corporation-they tackle the beast of integrating each form of technology in such a way that the rest of the company doesn’t have to worry about it.

They’re the people making sure that while you’re on a conference call with a client, you can dive seamlessly into the company’s files to reference information while simultaneously cross-referencing facts on the internet and updating your Outlook calendar to accommodate the newly scheduled meeting that just popped up. Are you keeping up with all of this? The best news of all is that you don’t have to, because the IT department makes it all happen.

Eleven years ago, Strategic America operated using three servers and only 13 gigabytes of storage for our entire company. That’s less than even the oldest generation iPod can handle. Today, SA stores more than 6 terabytes of information on 15 servers. It’s hard to believe that times and technology are transforming at such an alarmingly fast rate, but that’s the exciting reality in which we live. Won’t it be fun in a few years to look back and giggle about six terabytes of storage? We think so.

Take a moment to imagine a day in your current profession without technology – no phones, no email, no webinars, no computers . . . we’ll wait. Seems impossible, right? Fortunately, this is a faraway reality, but it can be an interesting exercise in the sense that we don’t often realize how dependent we are on the efficient execution of our well-oiled technological machines. So go ahead, get back to your telemaileronferencating, but take a second to text your IT staff a thank you.