PR Ninjas

Published On: April 5, 2011 | Categories: Public Relations |

Some people don’t know what PR people do. It’s not their fault. The idea of public relations is to get someone’s name, product, idea, etc. some love and attention. So you might not know my name or what I like to do on the weekends, but you better believe I’ve been working hard. Sometimes you might see our clients in the paper, hear some story on the news, attend a great event, find out about a sweet social media campaign, yadda yadda yadda. We did that – you just didn’t know it.

In the PR department we basically operate like ninjas. Someone secretly mentions work needs to be done, someone else hangs from the ceiling. Someone wants crazy attention for a super cool thing, a ninja furiously types into the night (when they aren’t saving the world…shoot, maybe I’m getting Batman and ninjas confused…). A crisis occurs, ninjas keep it cool, not even breaking a sweat. Ninjas can handle some pretty big secrets, some super crazy stress and of course, some sexy situations. You think I’m just talking about the ninjas who dress in black, but no, I’m talking about the ladies who wear heels and work under fluorescent lights.

So if you ever think to yourself, “Those people in the PR department have their lives together and know what’s up” – that’s true…well, sometimes. But if you ever think, “I don’t know what those PR people do, they must just write blogs and watch youtube all day” – not true…with the exception of this blog post. Watch out, a PR ninja will be there when you least expect it.

Disclaimer: No ninjas were hurt in the making of this blog, however, two have been reported as missing persons.